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USB Charging Bike Light - Versatile LED Front Lampan

USB Charging Bike Light - Versatile LED Front Lampan

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Illuminate your cycling adventures with the X-TIGER USB Charging Bike Light. This dual-function aluminum LED front lamp also serves as a powerful flashlight, ensuring visibility both on and off your bike. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, it offers efficient heat dissipation for consistent performance.

Featuring 4-7 modes, including Super Bright, High, Middle, Low, Flash, and Warning, the X-TIGER QD model provides adaptable lighting options for diverse situations. Its waterproof rating (IPX5-IPX6) safeguards against rain, but immersion is not recommended. With 500-1600 lumens and a range of 150-250 meters, it ensures excellent visibility during rides.

Powered by a 1200-6400 mAh battery, the light supports extended cycling sessions. Charging takes only 1-6.5 hours, and the abrasion-resistant anodizing surface ensures durability. The automatic power-off function prevents overcharging, ensuring longevity.

The X-TIGER light's versatility makes it suitable for various outdoor activities. Installation is effortless, and its non-slip design guarantees secure usage. Remember to avoid shining it into eyes and keep it away from flammable materials.

Enhance your cycling safety with the X-TIGER USB Charging Bike Light. Its durability, brightness, and versatility make it an essential accessory for any cyclist, delivering reliable lighting solutions for your journeys.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Mode: 4-6 Modes

Waterproof Level: IP65/IPX5/IPX6

Lumen: 1800 Lumens

Range: 200m

Battery: 1200-5200mAh

Surface Craft: Abrasion-resistant anodizing


1. Waterproof,Rainproof.Do not soak the bike light into the water.

2. Durable, Anti-Fall and Long Range

3. Built-in battery, USB Charging, Large Capacity Battery

4. Easy to install,non-slip