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Wireless Light Turn Signal LED Beam USB Chargeable Cycling Tail Light

Wireless Light Turn Signal LED Beam USB Chargeable Cycling Tail Light

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Stay Visible, Stay Safe - Bicycle Rear Light with Wireless Turn Signal

Enhance your cycling safety with the Bicycle Rear Light featuring a wireless turn signal, USB rechargeability, and CE certification. Designed to provide visibility and signaling during your rides, this bike rear light is a reliable and innovative addition to your cycling gear.

Key Features and Specifications:

Wireless Turn Signal - Effortless Signaling: Navigate traffic and communicate with ease using the wireless turn signal feature. The Bicycle Rear Light allows you to signal turns wirelessly, enhancing your safety and alerting others on the road to your intended direction.

USB Rechargeable - Convenient and Eco-Friendly: Say goodbye to disposable batteries. The USB rechargeable design ensures convenient charging, allowing you to power up your Bicycle Rear Light for continuous usage. Embrace an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your cycling illumination needs.

Powerful LED Beam - Optimal Visibility: Illuminate your path with a powerful LED beam. The Bicycle Rear Light provides optimal visibility, ensuring you remain noticeable to others during day and night rides. Ride confidently with enhanced visibility and safety.

Mounting on Seatpost - Secure and Easy: Easily mount the Bicycle Rear Light on your seatpost for a secure fit. The straightforward installation process ensures that you can equip your bike with this safety accessory quickly and efficiently.

CE Certification - Quality Assurance: Certified with CE standards, the Bicycle Rear Light meets stringent quality and safety requirements. Ride with confidence, knowing that your rear light is backed by a certification that signifies adherence to international standards.

Specification Overview:

  • Power Supply: Battery
  • Mounting Placement: Seatpost
  • Certification: CE


In conclusion, the Bicycle Rear Light with Wireless Turn Signal is a cutting-edge solution for cyclists prioritizing safety and visibility. With its wireless turn signal feature, USB rechargeability, powerful LED beam, easy seatpost mounting, and CE certification, this rear light is designed to provide optimal safety during your rides. Illuminate your path, signal your turns, and ride with confidence. Make the Bicycle Rear Light an integral part of your cycling gear for a safer and more enjoyable biking experience. Upgrade today and stay visible, stay safe.

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