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Handlebar Extension Bracket for Holding

Handlebar Extension Bracket for Holding

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Enhance Your Cycling Setup with the Handlebar Extender Double Bicycle Handlebar Extension Bracket

Upgrade your cycling experience with the Handlebar Extender Double Bicycle Handlebar Extension Bracket, a versatile accessory designed to provide added space and convenience for your essential gadgets. Whether you're a commuter, mountain biker, or road cyclist, this extension bracket offers practical solutions for holding accessories like lamps, speedometers, GPS devices, and more. Explore the specifications that make this bracket a valuable addition to your bike.


  • Customizable Width: The Handlebar Extender is designed to be customized according to your needs. With a width range of 300 - 400mm, you can adjust it to create the perfect space for your accessories. This ensures that you have ample room for mounting your gadgets without compromising on comfort.

  • Double Bracket Design: Experience enhanced versatility with the Double Bracket design, allowing you to hold multiple accessories simultaneously. Whether it's a combination of a lamp and a speedometer or any other gadgets, the double bracket design accommodates your diverse cycling needs.

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction: Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, this handlebar extender ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight to your bike. The carbon fiber material provides a perfect balance of strength and agility, making it an ideal choice for both road bicycles and mountain bikes.

  • Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complex installations. The Handlebar Extender features easy installation, making it accessible for riders of all levels. The package includes an installation wrench and multi-layer non-slip gaskets for added convenience during setup.

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you want to mount a lantern, lamp, speedometer, GPS device, or any other accessories, this extender is designed to accommodate them all. With a suitable diameter range of 18-35mm, it fits a variety of handlebars on different bikes.

Upgrade Your Cycling Setup Today

Transform your cycling setup with the Handlebar Extender Double Bicycle Handlebar Extension Bracket. Enjoy the freedom to mount multiple accessories, making your rides more convenient and enjoyable. Invest in this versatile accessory and elevate your cycling experience to new heights.

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