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Kids' Cycling Jersey Shorts Set: MTB Mountain Road Wear

Kids' Cycling Jersey Shorts Set: MTB Mountain Road Wear

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Elevate Their Cycling Adventures

Introduce your young cyclists to the world of biking with the Kids Cycling Jersey Shorts Set. Designed for both girls and boys, this set combines performance and style to enhance their cycling experience on mountain trails and road rides.

Full Zipper Convenience

Featuring a full zipper design, this set offers convenience and versatility for young riders. They can easily adjust their clothing for optimal ventilation during warm summer rides or quickly put on their gear before hitting the trails. The full zipper ensures hassle-free wear and ensures they stay comfortable throughout their cycling adventures.

Pro MTB Mountain Road Tops

Crafted with professional MTB mountain road tops, this set provides the performance and durability needed for off-road cycling adventures. Whether they're tackling rocky terrain or speeding down mountain trails, these tops offer superior comfort and flexibility, allowing young riders to push their limits and explore new trails with confidence.

Short Sleeve Design

The short sleeve design of the jerseys offers the perfect balance of coverage and breathability for summer cycling. It allows young cyclists to stay cool and comfortable during intense rides while providing protection from the sun's rays. With the freedom of movement provided by short sleeves, they can maneuver through trails with ease and agility.

Factory Direct Sales

With factory direct sales, you can trust the quality and authenticity of the Kids Cycling Jersey Shorts Set. By eliminating middlemen, we ensure that young riders receive gear that meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance. Equip them with gear designed for cycling excellence and watch them conquer the trails with confidence.

High-Quality Materials

Crafted from high-quality materials, including 100% polyester jerseys and 80% polyester with 20% stretch and spandex pants, this set offers durability, flexibility, and breathability. The jerseys wick away moisture to keep young riders dry and comfortable, while the pants provide the necessary stretch for unrestricted movement on the bike.

GEL Breathable Pad

The cycling jersey pad features GEL Breathable technology, providing extra comfort and support during extended rides. Engineered to reduce friction and absorb shock, the GEL pad ensures a smooth and comfortable cycling experience for young riders. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced performance and enjoyment on the trails.


With the Kids Cycling Jersey Shorts Set, young cyclists can embark on exciting adventures and explore the great outdoors with confidence and style. Whether they're hitting the trails or cruising along scenic roads, this set provides the performance, comfort, and durability they need to excel in their cycling journey. Gear up your little riders and watch them discover the joy of cycling.

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