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Bicycle Light Set - LED Front and Rear Lights, USB Rechargeable, Multiple Modes

Bicycle Light Set - LED Front and Rear Lights, USB Rechargeable, Multiple Modes

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Illuminate Your Path with Confidence - Bicycle Q6 Light Set

Elevate your cycling safety to new heights with the innovative Bicycle Q6 Light Set. This essential accessory is designed to provide a powerful combination of functionality and convenience, ensuring that you ride with confidence, day or night. With a versatile headlight offering 8 lighting modes and a feature-rich taillight with 12 lighting modes, this set is a must-have for cyclists seeking reliable illumination in any environment.

Powerful Illumination for Every Ride

The headlight of the Bicycle Q6 Light Set boasts 8 lighting modes, allowing you to tailor your illumination to any riding scenario. Whether you need high beams for maximum visibility, medium or low beams for a balance of brightness and battery life, or flashing options for added attention, this headlight delivers. The taillight, with its 12 lighting modes including warning signals and various flashing patterns, ensures that your presence on the road is unmistakable.

Built to Endure - Waterproof and Anti-Fall Design

Crafted with a waterproof and anti-fall design, the Bicycle Q6 Light Set is engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions and the occasional bumps along the road. Ride confidently, knowing that your lights are built to endure the challenges of your cycling adventures.

Rechargeable Batteries for Continuous Illumination

Say goodbye to constantly replacing disposable batteries. The Bicycle Q6 Light Set comes equipped with rechargeable batteries, providing you with a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solution. With a quick charge time of 2.5 hours for the headlight and 1.5 hours for the taillight, you can enjoy continuous illumination for your rides.

Easy Installation - Ready to Ride in Minutes

Experience hassle-free installation with the Bicycle Q6 Light Set. The handlebar mounting placement ensures convenient access and secure attachment. The set comes with everything you need, including a Kraft paper box, USB cable, and a user-friendly manual. Be ready to ride safer and brighter in just a matter of minutes.

Specification Overview:

  • Power Supply: Battery
  • Mounting Placement: Handlebar
  • Headlight Lamp Beads: SZ5-M33PCS+28353PCS
  • Taillight Lamp Beads: 28356PCS+301418PCS
  • Lumens: Headlight: 350LM+150LM / Taillight: 50LM+50LM
  • Battery Life: Headlight: 4-35 Hours / Taillight: 4-33 Hours
  • Battery Capacity: Headlight: 1100mAh / Taillight: 350mAh
  • Charge Time: Headlight: 2.5 Hours Full / Taillight: 1.5 Hours Full
  • Light Modes: Headlight: 8 Modes / Taillight: 12 Modes
  • Weight: Headlight: 45g / Taillight: 33g
  • Size: 504030mm
  • Anti-Fall: 3M
  • Waterproof: IPX65
  • Package Size: 1026035mm
  • Packing Items: Kraft Paper Box1 / USB Cable1 / Manual*1 / Lights

Conclusion - Ride Safer, Brighter, and More Confidently

In conclusion, the Bicycle Q6 Light Set is more than just a lighting accessory; it's a commitment to your safety and confidence on the road. With its powerful illumination, durable design, rechargeable batteries, and easy installation, this set is the ideal companion for every cyclist. Illuminate your path, be seen, and ride with assurance. Upgrade your cycling experience today with the Bicycle Q6 Light Set and enjoy safer, brighter, and more confident rides.

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