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Polarized Cycling Glasses: Clarity and Style on Your Ride

Polarized Cycling Glasses: Clarity and Style on Your Ride

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Elevate your cycling experience with the ACEXPNM Polarized Mountain Bike Cycling Glasses – a versatile eyewear solution designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. With a focus on clarity, UV protection, and style, these cycling goggles are equipped with polarized lenses and a range of features to enhance your vision during rides. Let's delve into the specifications that make these glasses a must-have for men and women cyclists.


Clear Vision in Motion:  Polarized Cycling Glasses

The Polarized Mountain Bike Cycling Glasses are not just eyewear; they are a statement of clarity, style, and functionality for cyclists who demand the best.

With myopia frame: yes

Tailored for individual needs, these cycling glasses come with a myopia frame option, ensuring that cyclists with nearsightedness can enjoy clear vision without compromising on style or comfort.

Sport Type: Cycling

Designed specifically for cyclists, these glasses are optimized for the dynamic nature of cycling. Whether you're navigating trails or cruising on roads, the sport-specific design ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized (Black Lens)

Experience reduced glare and enhanced visual clarity with the polarized lenses, especially the black lens variant. Polarization minimizes reflections, making these glasses ideal for sunny conditions and various outdoor terrains.

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Crafted from polycarbonate, the lenses offer durability and impact resistance. Polycarbonate is known for its lightweight nature, making these glasses comfortable for extended wear during your cycling adventures.

Lens Width: 135mm, Lens Height: 54mm

The well-balanced dimensions of 135mm width and 54mm height provide ample coverage for your eyes while maintaining a sleek and stylish profile. Enjoy a wide field of vision with these carefully measured lens dimensions.

Item Type: Eyewear, Gender: Unisex

Catering to both men and women, these glasses are classified as eyewear, emphasizing their versatile use for cyclists of any gender. The unisex design ensures widespread appeal among cycling enthusiasts.

Frame Material: TR-90, Frame Color: Multi

The TR-90 frame material strikes a balance between flexibility and durability, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The multi-colored frame adds a touch of style to your cycling ensemble, allowing you to express your personality on the road.

Accessories: EVA Case, Glass Bag, Cleaning Cloth, Test Card

These glasses come complete with essential accessories, including an EVA case for secure storage, a glass bag for protection, a cleaning cloth for maintenance, and a test card to ensure the functionality of the lenses.

4 Lens: Color Mirror, Black Polarized, Yellow, Clear

The inclusion of four lenses – Color Mirror, Black Polarized, Yellow, and Clear – offers versatility for various lighting conditions. Choose the lens that suits your preferences and environmental factors, ensuring optimal vision during every ride.

Conclusion: See Clearly, Ride Confidently

In conclusion, the ACEXPNM Polarized Mountain Bike Cycling Glasses are a comprehensive eyewear solution for cyclists who prioritize clarity, UV protection, and style. With features like a myopia frame option, polarized lenses, TR-90 frame material, and a set of four lenses, these glasses provide cyclists with a versatile and reliable accessory for their outdoor adventures.


See the road ahead with clarity, ride confidently, and express your style with the ACEXPNM Polarized Mountain Bike Cycling Glasses – where function meets fashion for an enhanced cycling experience.