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Ultralight Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals - Road & Mountain Bikes (1 Pair)

Ultralight Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals - Road & Mountain Bikes (1 Pair)

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Enhance Your Ride with 1Pair Aviation Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals - Ultralight Design for Road and Mountain Bikes

Upgrade your cycling experience with our 1Pair Aviation Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals, crafted for both road and mountain bikes. These ultralight pedals, made from durable aluminum alloy, bring efficiency, durability, and style to your cycling adventures.


  • Weight: 344g+/-20g
  • Use: Road Bicycles, Mountain Bikes
  • Size: 97mm105mm18mm
  • Pedal Device Category: Bearing
  • Pedal Category: Ultralight Pedal
  • Material: Aluminum/Alloy

Key Features:

  1. Ultralight and Durable Design:

    • Experience the perfect blend of lightweight construction and durability with aviation aluminum alloy pedals, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.
  2. Versatile Use for Road and Mountain Bikes:

    • Tailored for both road and mountain bikes, these pedals are versatile, providing optimal performance for different cycling terrains.
  3. Optimal Size for Comfort and Control:

    • With dimensions of 97mm105mm18mm, these pedals offer a comfortable platform for your feet, enhancing control and reducing fatigue during long rides.
  4. Bearing Pedal Device for Smooth Riding:

    • The bearing pedal device ensures a smooth and reliable cycling experience, contributing to efficient power transfer with each pedal stroke.
  5. Stylish and Functional:

    • Elevate the aesthetics of your bike with the stylish design of these pedals, which seamlessly integrates with their functional features.
  6. Model Number Reference:

    • Identified as SMS-0.1, this model is a testament to precision engineering and innovation in bike pedal design.

Upgrade your cycling performance with the 1Pair Aviation Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals. Experience the joy of efficient pedaling and superior control on every ride.

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