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Bike Headlight - 400/800 Lumen USB Rechargeable Front Lamp

Bike Headlight - 400/800 Lumen USB Rechargeable Front Lamp

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Illuminate Your Path - Bike Headlight

Elevate your cycling adventures with the Bike Headlight, a powerful and versatile front lamp designed to enhance your visibility and safety on the road or MTB trails. Enjoy a superior cycling experience with 400 or 800 lumens of brightness, a durable aluminum alloy shell, unique side warning design, and convenient USB rechargeability.

Key Features and Benefits:

Versatile Lumens Options - Tailor Your Lighting: Choose between 400 or 800 lumens of brightness, allowing you to tailor your lighting to different riding conditions. The XOSS XL400/XL800 Bike Headlight ensures optimal visibility, whether you're cruising city streets or navigating mountain trails.

Durable Aluminum Alloy Shell - Built to Last: Crafted with a durable aluminum alloy shell, this headlight is designed to withstand wear and tear. The robust construction not only ensures longevity but also efficiently dissipates heat, maintaining optimal performance during your rides.

Unique Side Warning Design - 360-Degree Visibility: Enhance your visibility from all angles with the unique side warning design. The Bike Headlight goes beyond front-facing illumination, increasing your safety on the road by making you noticeable from various perspectives.

Multiple Lighting Modes - Adapt to Every Situation: Experience versatility with multiple lighting modes. Whether you need maximum brightness, energy-saving options, or a flashing mode for added visibility, the Bike Headlight has you covered.

Easy Installation - Hassle-Free Setup: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with the XOSS XL400/XL800 Bike Headlight. Mount it securely on your handlebar, and you're ready to go. The user-friendly design ensures quick setup, allowing you to focus on your ride.

Type-C Charging - Convenient and Efficient: Recharge your headlight with ease using the Type-C charging port. The Bike Headlight ensures a convenient and efficient charging process, keeping your light ready for the next cycling adventure.

Certification - CE Certified Quality: Backed by CE certification, the Bike Headlight meets international quality and safety standards. Ride with confidence, knowing that your headlight is certified for its performance and reliability.

Specification Overview:

  • Power Supply: Battery
  • Mounting Placement: Handlebar
  • Certification: CE


In conclusion, the Bike Headlight is a must-have for cyclists seeking optimal visibility, safety, and versatility. With features like versatile lumens options, durable aluminum alloy shell, unique side warning design, multiple lighting modes, easy installation, Type-C charging, and CE certification, this headlight enhances your cycling experience. Illuminate your path, stay visible, and unlock the potential of your rides with the Bike Headlight.

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