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Rechargeable LED Power Bank Bicycle Light

Rechargeable LED Power Bank Bicycle Light

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Illuminate Your Path - Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp

Light up your cycling adventures with the Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp, a versatile and powerful LED headlight designed for cyclists. With Type-C rechargeability, an impressive 1200 lumens of brightness, and a waterproof design, this bike light is your reliable companion for safe and enjoyable rides.

Key Features and Specifications:

1200 Lumens Brightness - Optimal Visibility: Experience optimal visibility with a powerful 1200 lumens brightness. The Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp ensures that your path is well-lit, enhancing safety during night rides or in low-light conditions.

Type-C Rechargeable - Convenient Charging: Say goodbye to hassle with the Type-C rechargeable design. Easily charge your bike light using a Type-C cable, providing a convenient and efficient charging solution. Keep your light ready for your next adventure with ease.

Power Bank Function - On-the-Go Charging: The Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp doubles as a power bank, adding versatility to your cycling gear. Charge your devices on-the-go, ensuring that your essential electronics stay powered during your rides.

Waterproof Design - Ride in Any Weather: Conquer various weather conditions with the waterproof design. The Bike Light is built to withstand rain and splashes, allowing you to confidently ride in changing weather without compromising performance.

Handlebar Mounting - Secure Attachment: Securely attach the Bike Light to your handlebar for a stable and reliable fit. The handlebar mounting placement ensures that your light stays in place, providing consistent illumination throughout your rides.

Certification - CE Certified: Backed by CE certification, the Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp meets international quality and safety standards. Ride with confidence, knowing that your bike light is certified for its performance and reliability.

Specification Overview:

  • Power Supply: Battery
  • Mounting Placement: Handlebar
  • Certification: CE


In conclusion, the Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp is a must-have for cyclists seeking optimal visibility, convenience, and versatility. With features like 1200 lumens brightness, Type-C rechargeability, power bank function, waterproof design, handlebar mounting, and CE certification, this bike light is designed to elevate your cycling experience. Illuminate your path, charge your devices on-the-go, and ride confidently in any weather. Make the Bike Light 1200LM Front Lamp an essential part of your cycling gear and upgrade today for safer and more enjoyable ride

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