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Multifunctional, Waterproof Bicycle Accessory

Multifunctional, Waterproof Bicycle Accessory

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Multifunctional, Waterproof Bicycle Accessory – Your Portable Shoulder Bag for Ultimate Convenience!

Introducing a versatile and practical addition to your cycling gear – the Multifunctional, Waterproof Bicycle Accessory. This portable shoulder bag is designed to enhance your cycling experience with its waterproof construction, multiple installation methods, and convenient size.


  • Is_customized: Yes

  • With come with: Extended strap, can be a Backpack

  • Size: 25*10cm

  • Name 6: Handlebar bag

  • Name 5: Bicycle front bag

  • Name 3: Bicycle Bag

  • Model Number: BAG111

  • Material: PVC

  • Gender: Women, Men

  • Function: Rainproof

  • Feature 2: Multiple installation methods

  • Color: Black, Green

  • Certification: CE

  • BAG601: Waterproof

  • BAG111: 100% waterproof


  1. Waterproof Design: The primary feature of this accessory is its exceptional waterproof design. Whether you encounter unexpected rain or need to protect your belongings from splashes, this bag ensures that your items stay dry.

  2. Versatile Installation: The bag offers multiple installation methods, making it adaptable to various parts of your bike. Use it as a handlebar bag, front bag, or a general-purpose bicycle bag – the choice is yours.

  3. Portable Shoulder Bag: The extended strap allows you to convert the bag into a convenient backpack, offering flexibility in how you carry your essentials. Easily switch between shoulder bag and backpack mode for optimal comfort.

  4. Fashionable and Unisex: Available in black and green, this bag is designed for both men and women who appreciate style along with functionality. The sleek design adds a touch of fashion to your cycling accessories.

  5. Certified Quality: With a CE certification, this accessory guarantees quality and reliability. The waterproof feature is further emphasized with BAG111 being labeled as 100% waterproof, providing peace of mind during your rides.

Upgrade Your Cycling Experience:

Say goodbye to worries about unpredictable weather or storage solutions for your essentials. The Multifunctional, Waterproof Bicycle Accessory offers a reliable and stylish solution for cyclists who seek convenience and adaptability in their gear.

Upgrade your cycling experience with this versatile accessory, and enjoy the freedom to ride confidently, knowing your belongings are secure and protected from the elements.

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