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Cycling Bag MTB Waterproof Touch Screen For Mobile Phone

Cycling Bag MTB Waterproof Touch Screen For Mobile Phone

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Enhance Your Cycling Adventure with the B-SOUL Bicycle Bag Frame Front Top Tube

Explore new horizons and stay organized on your cycling journeys with the B-SOUL Bicycle Bag Frame Front Top Tube. This thoughtfully designed cycling bag offers a perfect blend of functionality and style, ensuring that your essentials are within easy reach while you focus on the road ahead. Dive into the specifications and features that make this cycling bag a must-have for your biking escapades.


  • Sleek and Timeless Design: The B-SOUL Bicycle Bag comes in a classic black color, adding a touch of elegance to your bike. Its compact and streamlined design ensures it seamlessly integrates with your bike's frame, creating a harmonious and stylish look.

  • Optimal Capacity: With a 1L capacity, this bag strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and streamlined design. It provides ample room to store your essential items such as your mobile phone, wallet, keys, or small tools, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing in at a mere 0.13kg, the B-SOUL Bicycle Bag adds minimal weight to your bike, allowing you to maintain agility and speed during your rides. Its lightweight construction ensures that you won't be burdened while exploring new trails or commuting.

  • Durable Nylon Material: Crafted from durable nylon, this bag is built to withstand the demands of cycling. The material provides resistance against light rain, ensuring that your belongings stay dry in unexpected weather conditions.

  • Touch Screen Compatibility: The top tube of the bag features a touch screen-compatible window, allowing you to use your mobile phone without removing it from the bag. Stay connected and navigate your routes effortlessly with this user-friendly feature.

  • Easy Installation and Removal: The B-SOUL Bicycle Bag is designed for user convenience. Its easy-to-install and remove design ensures that you can attach or detach it quickly, providing flexibility for when you need to access your items or secure the bag.

Elevate Your Cycling Experience

Upgrade your cycling experience with the B-SOUL Bicycle Bag Frame Front Top Tube. Whether you're a dedicated cyclist or a casual rider, this bag adds a layer of convenience and style to your biking adventures. Keep your essentials close at hand, stay organized, and enjoy a hassle-free cycling experience with the B-SOUL Bicycle Bag. Ride in style and comfort with this practical and stylish addition to your biking gear.

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