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Race-Ready Chic: Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Set with Gel Pad"

Race-Ready Chic: Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Set with Gel Pad"

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Gear up for the thrill of triathlon racing with the 2023 Pro Team Triathlon Suit – a stylish and performance-driven ensemble crafted for women cyclists. This set features a short sleeve cycling jersey paired with a gel-padded skinsuit, providing the perfect blend of comfort and speed. Explore the features that make this cycling suit an essential choice for your summer races.

"Customized Comfort: Full-Zip Design for Personalized Ventilation"

Experience personalized ventilation with the full-zip design of the Pro Team Triathlon Suit. Tailor your comfort levels to perfection, ensuring an optimal racing experience.

"Summer-Ready Style: Short Sleeve Design for Freedom and Flexibility"

Designed for summer racing, the short sleeve design offers freedom and flexibility, allowing you to power through your triathlon with ease.

"Premium Material Blend: Polyester and Lycra for Peak Performance"

Engineered with a blend of Polyester and Lycra, this suit guarantees peak performance. The 80% Polyester and 20% Stretch & Spandex pants material ensures flexibility and durability, supporting your every move during the race.

"Breathable and Gel-Padded Comfort: GEL Breathable Pad Technology"

Maximize your comfort with the GEL Breathable Pad technology. The cycling jersey pad style is strategically designed for breathability, providing the necessary support for a smooth and enjoyable race.

"Race-Ready Fashion: Stylish Design Tailored for Cyclists"

Elevate your racing style with the Pro Team Triathlon Suit – a blend of fashion and function. This suit isn't just for racing; it's a statement piece for those who crave both speed and style on the racecourse.

"Tailored Fit: True-to-Size Comfort for Every Athlete"

Designed to fit true to size, this suit ensures a tailored fit that enhances your comfort during the race. Feel confident and race-ready with gear that complements your body size.

Unleash your inner racer with the 2023 Pro Team Triathlon Suit – where chic meets speed, and every detail is crafted for a winning performance. Whether you're tackling triathlons or engaging in high-speed summer races, this suit promises a stylish and high-performance racing experience.

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